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Amethyst Hera

8 Led Solar Underground Light

8 Led Solar Underground Light

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    Available Quantities: 1 piece, 4 pieces

    COMPACT DESIGN: large solar panel design with 8 durable LEDs. Can generate more light for your path. 600Mah rechargeable battery, it can light for 8-10 hours after charging for 4-6 hours (charging and working time will change due to weather)

    EASY to INSTALL and USE: Solar ground light installation takes only 2-3 minutes. No need to change wiring or battery. Outdoor solar lights are almost flush with the ground. Disc lights provide perfect lighting for your courtyard, garden, sidewalks, lawns, and corridors, adding a beautiful scene to the night scene at night.

    IP65 WATERPROOF: IP65 waterproof and high-strength ABS can effectively isolate water and fog. It is solar ground light that can work in various weather, such as rain, snow, frost or sleet.

    AUTOMATIC ON/OFF: before use, make sure to turn on the switch. Automatically turn on at night / automatically turn off at sunrise. The built-in sensitive light sensor can correctly detect the light. Once the light disappears, the solar light will automatically turn on; when it is bright, it will turn off automatically. High power efficiency, the energy conversion rate of ground solar lights can be as high as 14%.


    Item Weight: 1.16 pounds

    Material: Stainless steel

    Power Source: Solar-powered

    Warm Light


      1 x 8 Led Solar Underground Light

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